Haggis Tower 11.75

Traditional Scottish Haggis, potatoes and turnip piled  high and served with a whisky sauce

Steak & Ale Pie 13.50

Made with Aberdeen Angus Beef marinated in local ale

Classic Fish & Chips  13.50

Fresh local haddock in home made beer batter

Nut Roast  11.95

Pan fried vegetables with apricots, peanuts, almonds and walnuts topped with creamy goats cheese


Served with seasonal vegetables, mashed potatoes or chips


Burgers the way you want them; Simply choose your burger then add the toppings  you want.

Served with chips. You can upgrade your chips to Sweet Potato Fries for 1.50

  Scottish Beef 11.25 Aberdeen Angus beef burger

  Chicken  12.75  Buttermilk chicken  breast with a cajun dressing

  Vegetarian  10.00 made with beans and spices


Cheese  1.00 -- Bacon  1.50 -- Haggis  2.00  (vegetarian available)


Maple & Bourbon BBQ -- Burger Relish  --  Whisky Sauce

We cannot guarantee our kitchen is allergen free - please inform a member of staff if you have any allergies